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Join Team Yasha!

Ready to train like a professional weightlifter? You’ll be provided with a training program and unlimited video critique. The first goal will be to set a technique that works for your body. Then, we’ll push you to get strong in the correct positions with the ultimate goal of increasing your snatch and clean and jerk.

Weekly programs will be shared through Google Sheets and will look like this.  Videos and group discussions are all on the Team Yasha Facebook group. I’m available on email or facebook messenger for questions or discussions. The price per month is $50.

If you’d like more information about joining the team, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or Get in touch. It may be hard to decide whether to try it or not – so I suggest to just jump right in and try it. The first week will be free, and if you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can unsubscribe at any moment. So, Join Team Yasha!

If you’d like to get critique on your lifts but don’t want to follow the program – that’s not a problem. Just let me know in advance so I don’t constantly ask what exercise you’re trying to do, if it’s not on the program.

Team Yasha details

This team is coached by me, Yasha. I’ve been a weightlifter and weightlifting coach for 15 years.  The program design allows athletes to adjust both the volume and o tailor the program to their ability to recover. The program is written for weightlifters who know the lifts of all levels. If the general Team Yasha program doesn’t fit the needs of an athlete, level specific programs will be provided. Cycle timing will be adjusted for athletes whose competition schedules don’t line up with the Team Yasha schedule. The programs are tough, and you’ll learn quickly that using an inefficient technique won’t lead to long-term growth. If you’re ready to be critiqued and pushed and are ready to put the work in to become better – give this team a try!

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