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Vasily Polovnikov and I are co-coaching an Online Weightlifting Team. Vasily was raised within the Russian Weightlifting System. Together, we are developing training programs for specific weightlifting levels. Along with the programs, athletes will get unlimited video analysis and a forum where all questions are discussed and answered. Our goal is to make you a better weightlifter.

Weekly programs will be shared through google sheets, and will look like this.  The price for a month for any team is $50.

If you’d like more information about joining a team, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or Get in touch.

Team VasFit

This team is coached by Russian record-holder, and world class weightlifter Vasily Polovnikov, and is designed for weightlifters who know the lifts but haven’t qualified for national competitions yet. Vasily writes very tough programs which will improve your technique and increase strength. Be ready to work!

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