I want to try something new.

If you would like your technique publicly analyzed here on Yashathoughts by either me or a guest expert (or both), email me a link to a video of you doing a single weightlifting exercise (squats, presses, pulls, any snatch variations, clean and jerk variations, etc): Yashakahn@gmail.com, or send the link through my Contact page.

Every few weeks, I’ll pick a video from the ones I receive and publish a blog post of both your video with analysis and recommendations.

I can’t guarantee your video will get on here – the videos must be high-quality and from a good angle to be considered.



UPDATE: I got a lot of videos and with Coach Sean Waxman put together a good series of videos on technique critique, but I haven’t been able to edit them together. If anyone would be willing to edit the videos, please get in touch with me.

Yasha Kahn
Weightlifter, coach and now: blogger. I've traveled around the world sharing my weightlifting knowledge and experiences. I look forward to the next adventure.
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