Full-day or multi-day weightlifting education and hands-on instruction

Ilya Ilyin, Vasily Polovnikov, and I are excited to host 3 weightlifting mini-training camps around the North East. In these camps, we’ll all train together, discuss technique and programming, share experiences, set PRs, have a blast. We encourage lifters of all levels to attend. To learn more or sign up, please click the links below!


About the seminars I offer. They are educational, hands-on seminars about the sport of weightlifting. The topics include technique for the classic and supplementary lifts, programming, and other weightlifting topics that are of interest to the hosting gym. During my seminars people usually don’t set new records, but they do learn the fundamentals and technical aspects needed to progress and set personal records in the future.

Information about past major seminars can be found in the links below:

Get it touch if you’re interested or have further questions.

Cost per attendee: Between $100 and $400 per person, depending on whether I bring in other experts and the duration of the seminar. Minimum number of attendees is 10.

To sign up contact me here. Or email me: Or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

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