Private coaching

I do what I love. I make people who lift weights into weightlifters, and I make weightlifters better & more efficient.

I offer 2 months of coaching for any lifter who wants to dive into weightlifting. For these 2 months I will take control of your weightlifting life. This can be done in person, online, or both. I will spend 4 training sessions with you and will monitor videos of your lifts on a regular basis. It will be my responsibility to make you into a better weightlifter. You will objectively understand what you need to do to continue improving.

It will be your responsibility to share with me how the lifts feel, what muscles you feel working during specific movements, and your level of stress and fatigue.

Get it touch if you are interested or have further questions. I do not take on coaching more than a few lifters at a time.

The cost for these 2 months of coaching is $1,500.

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