Every athlete has felt nervous before a competition.

You have a competition in one week. You get anxious. Your coach or workout plan tells you it’s time to reduce the work volume and intensity, but every day you feel as though you’re just losing strength by not training.

You torment yourself: What if I don’t meet my coach’s expectations? What if I don’t meet my own expectations? You can’t sleep at night, and go to the gym to do extra work hoping it will pay off on the day of the competition.

Here is what you should do instead: Trust the work that you did. Stick to the plan. There is nothing more you can do. If you panic, you’re wasting energy. If you go do extra work in the gym – you’re wasting energy. Take more naps. Relax.

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From the great Mikhail Koklyaev: You are carrying around 2 buckets. The buckets are filled with your energy, your strength. As you train, you add to the buckets. When you start to get nervous and shaky before the competition, your risk spilling. Don’t let it spill.  Don’t let your nervousness change your steady approach. Don’t think about the competition until you are in the warm-up area, and are stepping onto the warm-up platform. Conserve all of the energy you’ve built up in your training for this moment. Then explode.

Yasha Kahn
Weightlifter, coach and now: blogger. I've traveled around the world sharing my weightlifting knowledge and experiences. I look forward to the next adventure.
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